I have been needle knitting since age of 8. This I thought was lost for me since a car accident changed my situation 8 years ago. I was found left with 1 hand and didn’t want to entirely give up my crafting hobbies so I started to loom knit about 3 years ago.
I have a theory that it took my brain this long to change from right handed thinking to left handed. I was making a bookmark for valentines day and got a bit frustrated on the limitations of loom with little project. Said and done being the personality I have I went and bought needles again since I had given mine away after the accident. I started casting on, spent time looking up aids, thinking about how unpractical they seemed. I tried knitting with long straight needles that I used some rubber band to attach to what I had left of my right overarm. It felt stiff. Day after I went and bough circular needles and they work much better. I just hold them against my stump and knit on as usual. My left hand is doing most work and it is slow but here is the result of Hitchhiker scarf I started on 4 days ago.