Ltns WIP happy socks

My blog started as looming blog, then I went over to needle knitting and I stopped posting. I feel like I need a place to post my WIPs and instead of creating a new blog I have decided to use this one. If you feel like there is too much needle talk please unfollow. If you want to chat about converting any of my WIPs on loom let me know.
Over to my first WIP in 2015. Named properly Happy socks are my own perfect pair of socks! Knitted in Austermann step, a yarn infused with aloe and jojoba oil I expect wonder from these (especially since I got 16 big skeins on sale, I guess this is the year of socks!).




Cheating more – big time

In October for my bday I got sock yarn that’s worst weight that I was going to use to knit a pair of long socks on all in one. Since I started experimenting with needles and magic loop is something I never tried before I casted on last Sunday and this is how far I am! Btw feels funky to sit and knit thick socks in sun!




I have been needle knitting since age of 8. This I thought was lost for me since a car accident changed my situation 8 years ago. I was found left with 1 hand and didn’t want to entirely give up my crafting hobbies so I started to loom knit about 3 years ago.
I have a theory that it took my brain this long to change from right handed thinking to left handed. I was making a bookmark for valentines day and got a bit frustrated on the limitations of loom with little project. Said and done being the personality I have I went and bought needles again since I had given mine away after the accident. I started casting on, spent time looking up aids, thinking about how unpractical they seemed. I tried knitting with long straight needles that I used some rubber band to attach to what I had left of my right overarm. It felt stiff. Day after I went and bough circular needles and they work much better. I just hold them against my stump and knit on as usual. My left hand is doing most work and it is slow but here is the result of Hitchhiker scarf I started on 4 days ago.