Simple long yoga socks on a sock loom

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Sock loom
Sock yarn (i used drops delight 191 yds per skein and i used 2 skeins )
Sewing needle to weave in ends
Measure tape to measure your foot

I made my socks on Kiss fixed 1 fine gauge loom. If you want to use same stitches as I do you need to be able to cast on amount of pegs dividable by 4 (I use k2, p2 as cuff).  My gauge swatch gave me 8 pegs and 16 rows for an inch. You need to make your own swatch, cast on 29 pegs and knit for 30 rows, bind off take off the loom (don’t cut the yarn), then pin it down with pins and measure how many stitches and rows your gauge is. You can then rip it out after you take note. After this you will take your tape measure and measure around the fattest part of your foot, in my case this is just above my toes. As I have big feet for me this measured 8”. Simple math will tell you that 8 pegs per inch x 8 inches needed will yield 64 pegs cast on. If your calculation give you an amount not dividable by 4 I would suggest you size down as yarn is usually pretty stretchy. I will be wearing mine with socks under as we seem to be having some kind of arctic winter going on so I will start mine with 64 pegs.

Socks length is: 4,75 inches till heel opening, and 3,75 inches from heel to toe. Again my foot size is 7,5. You take a measure of your foot from end of the heel up to the toes, then multiply this with how many rows you gor per inch from your swatch to decide the length over the foot itself, you can do same for length above the ankle if you want shorter yoga socks. Now that you have your amount of pegs to cast on and amout of rows to knit noted down lets get started.

Ewrap cast on 64 pegs (or amount you calculated from your swatch).

Row 1- 10: knit 2, purl 2* repeat till end.
Row 10 – 66 (or the rows you calculated you want the length above the ankle to be): knit all

Row 67 – 77: knit first half of your pegs (for me its peg 1 – 32), k2, p2 other half of the pegs.

Row 78: Knit first half of your pegs (peg 1 – 32), cast of other half of your pegs. (this creates the opening over the heel).
Row 79: Knit first half of your pegs again (peg 1 – 32 in my case), ewap cast on other half (pegs 33 – 64 in my case).
Row 80 – 90: Repeat rows 67 – 77.
Row 91 – 136: Knit all  pegs.
Row 137: I want my socks to be a bit tighter around the toe so on this row i decreased 4 pegs, 1 on each side of the slider then i moved the sliders one peg in. This has left me with 60 pegs.

Row 138 – 141: knit all pegs.
Rows 142 – 152: k2, p2* repeat till end of row.

Cast off, weave in ends and enjoy.

If you do a swatch and adapt the pattern after your own foot these socks can be made both on All-in-one loom and MS loom. If i calculate from a swatch with worsted weight yarn and all in one loom i get 44 pegs cast on and 50 rows till heel and 25 rows over the foot.

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5 thoughts on “Simple long yoga socks on a sock loom

  1. Hello Merri ,
    What a lovely looking personal blog you run!.I just found your blog and I am your newest follower. xo… ….
    LOVELY Yoga socks with nice color!Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the pattern for your yoga socks except for the open heel. If I want a closed heel how do I alter the pattern for rows 78 and 79 to obtain a closed heel. Also, how do I alter your pattern for a closed toe?

    • Hi Teresa! I am glad that you like the pattern. I would suggest you do a YouTube search for short row heel on the loom. Toes are knitted likewise. There should also be a tutorial that Grace wrote for loom knitting heel on the kiss loom. Try googling. Good luck and let me know how they turn out!

  3. I accidentally deleted your e-mail. I would like to make these socks only with a closed heel and closed toe. Could you please tell me how to alter your pattern for these alterations.

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