Fast and easy leg warmers on all-in one loom

These make for a quick and easy last minute gift or just a cool accessory for yourself.
Gauge I made mine in is 22 pegs and 42 rows for 4″ x4″ (10×10) cm
Size: adult length: 35cm (14,5″), to suit an m to l size.
What you need is:

  • all in one loom or ms loom
  • Two skeins of yarn (or more depending on yarn you use) in example I used 246 yards of drops Nepal, a worsted weight yarn 75% wool and 25% alpaca + scrap yarn for stripes.
  • looming pick
  • a needle to weave in ends

How to get started: if you are using ms loom kit it needs to be set up with small pegs in every hole. Pegs need to be evenly divided by 4 if you are doin k2, p2 cuff which I find prettiest. If you prefer k1, p1 then an amount dividable by 2 is recommended.

Cast on 52 pegs (if you are using ms loom you can either cast on 48 or 56 pegs dependable on leg size.
Cuff: Row 1 – 15: *k2, p2* rep till end of row
Knit using knit stitch till your work measures 33cm (13,5″) from cast on edge.
Cuff end: repeat Cuff.
Bind off using regular bind off.

Tip: be creative. Use different colored yarns to achieve more playful effect or use different stitches to alternate this pattern. Example bellow uses one row of contrasting yarn every 8th row.







18 thoughts on “Fast and easy leg warmers on all-in one loom

  1. You have done great Merri! I’m amazed, this is such a great pattern. I cant wait to see what you think of next. Keep up the great work -Swapna

    • I used ewrap cast on. You can use whatever works for you. I knitted with flat knit stitch (where you just hold the yarn infront of peg as you knit. True knit stitch would have made them a bit more stretchy.

  2. These are super cute. I love the purple and the pattern you choose. I just got a ms loom I might have to figure this one out. I’m trying to decide if I really like it.

  3. Hey thank you so much for this pattern! Quick question – in the first paragraph you said you worked 22 pegs and 42 rows to make an adult pair sized m-l. But in the instructions it said to cast on 52 pegs. Is the cast-on including both leggings in the set, as shown in the picture? Sorry for the newbie question, but I’m just learning. Thank you!

    • Hello. The first number is the swatch gauge for 4inches. If you have a different yarn or want to adjust pattern for another die the gauge is helpful that way.
      In my pattern you cast on 52 pegs per legwarmer. If you do two at time as shown in my picture you use two different yarn balls and separately cast on 52 two times. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi,
    I love this pattern! I have the all ini one loom but I can’t figure out how you managed to get it set up to do 2 at a time. Do you have extra pieces? How did you configure them?
    thanks so much for the pattern and the help.

    • Hi Renne. I am not sure as i havent tried it on a blue kk loom. As far as I do recall there is a pattern out for legwarmers on one, I am sure if you google knifty knitter leg warmers it should pop up. I am not sure if it was done using ewrap.

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